A primary school class in the Swiss mountains embarks on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universe, guided by the Canadian astrophysicist Stéphanie Juneau.

The Big Bang, the birth of stars, Supernovas, black holes, planet Earth… Nowadays hardly anything holds any mystery for children anymore. Or does it? As these kids soon come to realize, mystery – like the universe – has no bounds. A fact they see reflected in the striking, breathtaking – often tempestuous – nature, that surrounds their school, which lies huddled away at the bottom of a valley.

Over the course of a weeklong introductory workshop on astronomy, the kids discover that every little thing – from the infinitely small to the infinitely large – is connected; and how they too have an impact on the precarious balance between Earth and Sun.

Thus, their reactions, their games, the way they put their new knowledge into practice and above all their innocent – often clumsy – questions, inevitably refer to a bigger, almost metaphysical and universal questioning: « What is our place in the universe? ».

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CinéMaTerre International Film Festival, Silver Aquablier Award
NOVEMBER 23rd 2019 at 12:15, Le Klub Cinema, Metz
NOVEMBER 24th 2019 at 09:30, Le Klub Cinema, Metz

Tirana International Film Festival, selected for the "Mid-Short Documentary" competition
SEPTEMBER 24th at 11:00, Agimi Cinema, Tirana

Edinburgh International Film Festival, part of the section "Phenomenal Women Curated by SDI"
JUNE 22 at 15:00, Filmhouse3, Edinburgh

Docs Against Gravity, selected for the Documentary Academy Award competition:
MAY 10 at 12:00, Kinoteka, Warsaw
MAY 16 at 13:00, Kinoteka, Warsaw
MAY 16 at 16:30, Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, Wroclaw
MAY 18 at 11:30, Kinoteka, Warsaw

KinderDocs, Thessaloniki
FEBRUARY 21 & 23 and APRIL 12 2019

KinderDocs, Athènes
NOVEMBER 18 & 28 2018 and APRIL 3 2019

Festival du Mois du Documentaire, Belfort
NOVEMBER 12 2018

Festival du Mois du Documentaire, Delémont
NOVEMBRE 11 2018, Ciné La Grange

Kinderdocs, Festival dei Popoli, Florence

Documentary film center, Moscow
OCTOBER 14 2018

APRIL 2018 Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon, National competition

Documentary 52 minutes / 2018 / Switzerland
Shooting format : HD
Screening format : DCP
Sound : 5.1
O.V : french
Subtitles : english, german

Original Title: Grand et Petit

International Title: Children of the Universe

Direction: Camille Budin
Script: Marianne Brun, Camille Budin
Director of Photography: Camille Cottagnoud
Sound: Gilles Abravanel
Editing: Annette Brütsch
Music:Costanza Francavilla
Music Publisher:ZerOkilled Music (Ascap)
Cello:Stefano Cabrera
Additional images and drone:Mathieu Budin
Sound assistant:Léo Marussich
Sound editing and premix:Daniel Almada
Mix:Dominik Avenwedde
Sound Studios:The Human Communication Studio, Black Knoll Studio
Animation:Quaint, Sandro Lochau, Alessandro Holler
Colorgrading:Freestudios, Boris Rabusseau
Conformation and Mastering:Freestudios, Jean-Charles Weber
Graphic Design:Rocket Design, Berni Stoller
Subtitles: Babelfisch
Website: Jeff Gaudinet / Raphaël Arbuz

Production: Intermezzo Films
Executive Producer: Luc Peter
Line Production: Catherine Muller
Production assistants: Patricia Candido Trinca, Elodie Bieri
Accounting: Annick Kammacher

Coproducer: RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse, Unité des Films Documentaires, Irène Challand et Frédéric Pfyffer

With the participation of Cinéforom
And the support of La Loterie Romande
Office fédéral de la culture (DFI)
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Fondation Ernst Göhner
Fonds de production télévisuelle
Succès Passage Antenne SRG SSR
Succès Cinéma

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